Who are you, really?

HOPE EWING has worked as a grant writer, a letter writer, a story writer, an e-comm copy writer, a host, a server, a bartender, a restaurant manager, a bar director, and a food and drink writer. Amid these professions, she received an MFA in fiction, which she does not necessarily recommend unless there is no debt or lost time involved, as academia is certainly a pyramid scheme.

Her first book, Movers and Shakers: Women Making Waves in Spirits, Beer, and Wine, is an excellent read for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, feminism, the booze industries, and the defense of “they” as a singular pronoun. She regrets every day leaving Jules Haskell Smith out of the acknowledgements.

Since publishing her freshman effort in the book arena, Hope went on to co-found a canned cocktail company by doing the drink recipes and figuring out how to make them at scale in enormous batches without compromising on flavor and ingredient quality. Which was cool.

Most recently, she joined a band of former art department kids and startup-culture refugees and became the bar director for the Obscure Distillery in Los Angeles, CA. She doesn’t write for money at the moment, but you can hear her tell stories 7 times a week here.

Writing work

Chops: Columbia University, Vervet Sparkling Cocktails, The Obscure Distillery
Tweets: @greatbooisup
Grams: @greatbooisup
Facey: Hope Ewing
Favorites: sake, savory drinks, malic acid, loquats, perfumery, the ever-changing subjectivity of taste and trend

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