Book Drops in October, 2018!

Movers and Shakers
Women Making Waves in Spirits, Beer, and Wine


Support your local writing bartender, today.

In which I talk to brewers, winemakers, distillers, blenders, bartenders, writers, and all around bosses of the alcohol industries, who all happen to be women. Let’s put that tired inquiry on what it’s like to be a woman in the industry out of its misery, shall we? Career advice from those who worked twice as hard for their outstanding achievements.

Other Stuff

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[Older things]:

Review of Karate Chop, KGB Bar Lit

Review of Blinding, Vol. 1, KGB Bar Lit

“The Great Haul” The sadly long-deceased New York Press


“The Load” The Stinging Fly, Spring 2015

“Happy Thanksgiving” Totally Sad (Mall Sushi Press)

“Trouble” Blunderbuss, April 2014

Commencement short film by Adam Neustadter (writer)

“Bolero” New Millennium Writings (Short-short fiction contest winner, Spring 2011)


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