An odd thing, this dormant stage of my writing “career.” Need to finish a whole bunch of things. Owe shoutouts to a lot of people. Need to pitch things. Coming to terms with the idea I may never publish anything else.

I mean, ok I probably will. But not now. Somehow I went and became an entrepreneur. Which is interesting, and not quite intended. And quite time consuming.

It’s less that I choose things I do with my life and more that, while under the influence or a person or substance, or just distracted, I find myself in situations already in progress, and then I double down. The mantra becomes: I might not have designed this, but it’s mine now, and I’m going to push it through to the end. My dad once said that he didn’t endorse arranged marriage but he understood how it could work out, sometimes. Which is a very masculine thing to think, come to think of it. Definitely the thoughts of someone whose never feared for his life on a first date.

Welp. I guess that’s all. Go buy some Vervet!


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