ToTC Recap, Day 5

We did it. We made it to Sunday without blacking out, breaking up, or embracing a NOLA-induced existential crisis! Now as I take a moment for some long-awaited hotel-room-lazing, here are some reflections.

I interviewed some amazing humans. People with passion who are great at their jobs. Highlights:

Interview with Ivan Saldana (the mezcal Ph D), of Montelobos mezcal and Ancho Reyes liqueurs. Dr. Ivan dropped more knowledge about agave sustainability on me in our short 30 minute appointment than I’ve received from most anyone else. He then had to rush off to the Spirited Awards to represent Ancho Reyes Verde as it was nominated for best new cocktail ingredient, a nomination I’d stand behind, considering Reyes Verde is delightful, particularly if you work in LA an want to make all your drinks succulent-themed. Sadly for my favorite green chili liqueur, the award went to Italian bergamot aperitivo Italicus, which I’m hoping to try at some point soon. Y’all in California yet?

The private tasting that accompanied interviewing Hudson brand ambassador Han Shan was pretty life altering, as well.

The Campari Aperitivo Hour at Pigeon and Prince. Food was the best at any marketing event I’ve ever had, drinks were exactly what was required on a sticky afternoon.  Super cool presentation. Although, I did not eat the food at the Elyx House popup, which was by far the most lavish and opulent and any other adjective for expensive you can think of event I’ve ever attended. Drinkware was all copper and came in the forms of 10-pound rabbits, pineapples and squirrels, among others. The dining area was fern-themed, with wallpaper matching the staff’s stylish button-downs and rompers. The fern thing fascinates me as it seems like they’re attempting to reclaim the fern bar aesthetic to mean something higher quality in substance, rather than the shallow, sweet-sweet-drink and vacuous consumption quality that comes to mind. Not sure I’m on board, but dang, they have money, and I’m happy they’re using it to hire great bartenders and artfolks to make stuff for them.

I have mixed feelings about coastal oysters–I can pretty much eat four every couple of weeks without feeling a bit queasy. But there is something about gulf oysters that makes me want to inhale them wholesale.

Dinner at Cane and Table was the boooomb.

And of course, the humbling fangirl evening of the Dame Hall of Fame inductions. I’ll do a whole post on that later. I’ll just say that sometimes I feel like I know things, then I meet people who, without having to say anything, show me I know very little. Genuflection.



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