No One Really Loves Traveling

If you’ve ever online dated or read the interests section on a resume, it might seem like we are a nation of wanderers. You know: I love movies, sports, traveling.

I always felt alienated by this because I hate traveling. I love being new places, seeing cool stuff and learning how other people live, but the process of getting there–the actual TRAVEL part–fills me with dread. Planes are claustrophobia-inducing. I have severe packing anxiety. Hotels make me feel like I’m in the beginning of a slasher film, and I can never sleep thinking about how many other bodies have shed their skin cells on those mattresses (you’re welcome).

Which leads me to think everyone else is a liar.

No one likes flying, except maybe prop plane pilots. They seem like they’re having fun.

No one likes waiting in line for tickets, for bathrooms, for transport.

Sure, it’s nice when you get there. But I really think people ought to be more specific.

No one actually likes to travel. What we like is arriving.

Just sayin.



4 thoughts on “No One Really Loves Traveling

  1. Akhil

    Very accurate in pointing this out. It is some what true for me. On the contrary, travel can be fun and very nourishing to one’s soul. May be chose different alternative to travel. Like hiking, biking, driving cars through mountain or along the beach and many more. Sure you can’t do very long journey by these means but you can partly do this on your trip to make it more interesting.

      1. Akhil

        Then you can opt to hike or trek..There are wonderful treks all around the world. That will do wonders for your journey not just the arriving.. ☺

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