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It’s Beer Garden Season!


I know it’s still snowing in the northeast, and that sucks! But form my vantage point, it’s April, the sun is out, and those crisp/hoppy/malty/sour/but most of all fizzy cravings are in full effect. The brewery tasting room not only has the advantage of having the freshest drinkins possible but has a family and pet friendly license for its space. Bring your dog, set your kids loose on the giant Jenga (but watch them, duh), grab a pint, and spring the f* out of this joint.

For my Angelenos, it’s a great place and time to be at/in: Here’s a list I wrote about it a few months ago.  

To update this, I’d have to throw in the  Modern Times “Dankness Dojo” and the new Highland Park Brewery in Chinatown.


Cage Match!

Thanks to DPomerico and the good people at Suvudu (Del Rey Spectra SF/F) for the chance to contribute to the most awesome 2011 Cage Match.  Readable here.I have to admit: I’m kind of with some of the commentators there thinking that Takeshi Kovacs would probably take out Lord Snow in a fair fight.  But this is not a fair fight. Kovacs is weakened by his new sleeve and new surroundings and you know what? Sometimes life is hard. The envoy will download again.  I kind of wish Suvudu repeated Cage Match participants so I could show Mr. Kovacs in all his glory.

Still, Jon Snow’s a cool kid.  And Dance with Dragons is coming out soon.  So deal.