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What I’ll be doing during the NYC Ice Cream Crawl

Hope Pouts

I won't tolerate it!

This happens every year.

They do add “…a note to our friends who don’t do dairy, we DO have Italian Ice locations on the crawl as well!”

Great. So I can sporadically eat some lame juicewater while you all gorge yourselves on delicious ice cream.  Thanks for the methadone, you cruel, lactase-producing jerks!

Eating Habits

I’ve been eating sushi for 10 years, since I first lived near a Wegmans in college. Every time I eat it, it gives me heartburn and puts my stomach off for a day or two. I don’t know if it’s the rawness, the wasabi, whatever. But still, about once a week someone proposes dinner out, and 4 out of 5 times I say “Yes! How about sushi?”

When I first moved to New York, Pong and I used to go out every week to a restaurant on Avenue A that served half-price sushi for its “3 year anniversary.” This “3 year anniversary” special had been going on for a couple of years. Regardless, we would go, stuff our gobs with cheap spicy tuna, then round off the evening with milkshakes from the now-closed NYC Milkshake Company, formerly of St. Mark’s place.

Then he and I would run to the #4 train to the Bronx and the R train to Queens (respectively) and both writhe in digestive agony for the rest of the night. Later we both turned out to be lactose intolerant.

I never figured out if it was the sushi or the milkshake that did it.

The moral is: Sushi is delicious.